Cast & Crew

Our cast and crew is made up of a variety of motley mortals, chaotic camera operators, wretched writers… ahh, you get the idea. Check out this page for a glimpse into our revolving door of multitalented members – Error 404: Show Not Found couldn’t be error-filled without them!

Mitchell Gerbert looking snazzy
Michael Gabbert
Idiot in Chief (Showrunner). Tries to do everything all the time, and is mostly alright at it.
Zoe Ross
Writer, Producer
Liam Schrader
Rachel Ball
Film Composer, Camera Operator, Actor, Comedic Support, Creative Genius, and humble about all of it.
James Gilbert
Camera Operator, Audio Technician
Andrew Mobley
Physical Comic, Actor, Audio Technician, Crazed Maniac
Aidan Stinson
Aspiring Graphic Designer, Filmmaker, Animator, Author, and Linguist. Who knows how far he’ll actually get.
Megan Sumpter
Actor, Writer